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We design, develop & distribute products
made from recycled post-consumer materials.

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Our commitment to sustainable development

Technoflex’s mission is to enable progress, and we seek to advance environmental and social progress and conduct business in a way that creates value for our company and for future generations. We are working to achieve sustainable progress through continued industry leadership and engagement, by partnering with our clients, and by leveraging our global talent. We look for solutions that are client-centered, scalable, and have the potential for global impact.

Waste Minimisation

We involve redesigning products, concerning consumption and production, of waste generation, to prevent the creation of waste.

Waste turns into value

We're turning waste into a resource for a brighter, more sustainable future. There are so many clean, alternative ways to create products.

Better world

We want reduce, reuse, and recycle to become the watchwords of every family and company in the world. Recycle for a better world.

Eco-Friendly Products

Better Products, Better Life

Technoflex is constantly looking for optimal solutions to help its customers to live a simpler life without worrying anymore about their environmental footprint. Since 1993, over millions customers choose an environmentally friendly solution by preferring our recycled products. Year after year, we work hard to develop new products to accommodate consumer needs.

Next Events

International Surface Event

January 20th – 22nd (2016)
Las Vegas, USA

Journées des collections

April 5th – 6th (2016)
Marseille, France

National Hardware Show

May 3rd – 5th (2016)
Las Vegas, USA


September 4th – 6th (2016)
Cologne, Germany

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